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Friday, November 09, 2007

New Release from Jeff Woodall

Free Diving - A voyage to innerspace

Jeff Woodall has just released his new album entitled 'FREE DIVING' - A voyage to innerspace. The album is a tribute to the discipline and endurance of free diving and was inspired by the film 'The Big Blue'

Jeff has also just released a brand new 'bonus track' called 'Erosion' which was written after the album was completed.

If you aren't familiar with Jeff Woodall, he is a prolific downtempo producer from the UK and a favourite at SoundRadius. Free Diving is Jeff's 8th album since 2002.

The bonus track and tracks from the new album are in rotation at SoundRadius or can be previewed on Jeff's MySpace

You can purchase Free Diving here: The album will be available on CDbaby shortly at: It will also be available on iTunes from December at:

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