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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lots of new tunage!!!

In case you haven't noticed yet. We have added over 4 hours of new music in the last week. Some staples like Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo Ibiza and Hed Kandi, but also lots of new, lesser known artists. Watch for Thomas Lemmer, Joel Kanning, our good friend Cling, and many others.

Check out our MySpace at Enjoy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Playlist Updated

Finally! New music from Jeff Woodall, Tosca, Lad Publishing, Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo etc.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bluetech Rises From the Ashes

After a 3 year hiatus to pursue other musical avenues, that many thought meant the death of Bluetech, California producer Evan Bartholomew is back with the new, eagerly awaited, Bluetech release Phoenix Rising. This mini-album is a prequel to the full-length Divine Invasion release expected out in early 2009.

The aptly entitled, Phoenix Rising shares many the signature elements of older Bluetech releases in terms of the glitch, dub and jazz influences, yet there is also something distinctly new and different about this release. The sound is less intricately layered and relies more on driving rhythms, yet it is no less profound. Bluetech’s use of strong, dark synthetic sounds coupled with warm, lighter accoustic treatments suggest a sonic exploration of the dark and light themes of death and rebirth inherent in the Phoenix myth.This is a strong offering and stacks up well against older Bluetech. There is no filler here. The album holds together well thematically, yet each track has a distinct, unique character, largely because of the different acoustic elements incorporated.

My Dear Friend Kronos, with its progressive bassline, and Kingdom of the Blind, with its classically influenced brass riff, are particularly notable tracks. Other worthy contributions include What The Night Reveals for its spellbinding flute and Invocation for it’s piano treatments.

Phoenix Rising masterfully balances melancholic and uplifting themes to create a fantastic piece of continuous listening enjoyment. I can’t wait for Divine Invasion.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Major Playlist Update

We just completed a major update of the SR playlist. Check out new music from Thievery Corporation, Cling and to many others to mention. Also featuring tracks from the latest Hotel Costes and Cafe del Mar compilations. Cheers!

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Release from Jeff Woodall

Free Diving - A voyage to innerspace

Jeff Woodall has just released his new album entitled 'FREE DIVING' - A voyage to innerspace. The album is a tribute to the discipline and endurance of free diving and was inspired by the film 'The Big Blue'

Jeff has also just released a brand new 'bonus track' called 'Erosion' which was written after the album was completed.

If you aren't familiar with Jeff Woodall, he is a prolific downtempo producer from the UK and a favourite at SoundRadius. Free Diving is Jeff's 8th album since 2002.

The bonus track and tracks from the new album are in rotation at SoundRadius or can be previewed on Jeff's MySpace

You can purchase Free Diving here: The album will be available on CDbaby shortly at: It will also be available on iTunes from December at:

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Sound Radius Hitting New Heights

Soaring Like a Canadian Loonie

Sound Radius has been getting a lot of attention lately. Over 2000 people have SR listed as one of their favourite Live365 stations. 20 have SR as their overall fav. On November 2nd, we hit an all time high of over just over 1800 user hours in 30 days. We've settled in comfortably in at the mid 1700s. That's up over 700 hours from a month ago.

So thanks to everyone (listeners, artists and labels) for contributing to SR's success.

We continue to update the playlist to ensure a balance of the best downtempo from both independent and label artists. And more album reviews are on the way! We've also got new gear, so look forward to new station IDs in the near future.

Thanks again! Keep tuning in!

Music for Stylistic Delinquents

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Save Internet Radio

Make Your Voice Heard!

Your favorite internet radio stations are at risk. Higher royalty rates could kill the small webcaster. You can help!