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Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Luminous Sunsets From Ibiza

New Release "Equilibrium" in Classic Balearic Style

Equilibrium is the new release from Luminous (aka Gary Butcher). Living in Ibiza, Spain (producing numerous tracks for the famed Cafe del Mar) Luminous is intimately in tune with the Balearic downtempo style that has emerged there as DJ's try to create moods that capture the Ibiza sunset.

In Equilibrium, Luminous meanders through two distinct elements that give sunsets in Ibiza their unique feel. That is the lazy abandonment that comes from a day in the sun coupled with a deep-rooted, passion and pulsing energy (anticipating Ibiza's hot nights).

The landscape Equilibrium paints is created by mid-tempo, groove-oriented electronic beats swathed in atmospheric patches accompanied by clean, tasteful guitar and flute highlights. While in tune with the Balearic tradition, the tracks on Equilibrium aren't just standard fare. For example, they don't rely exclusively on sample loops. The moods are crafted by live performances and are structured as complete songs, rather than the typical "build on variations of a theme" approach. The vocal performances are fantastic, thanks to contributions from Julie Harrington (of Pink Floyd fame) and Gary Butcher himself.

The single "Love Rain Down" is featured on the new Cafe del Mar 14. "Love Rain Down" and tracks such as "The One I'm Thinking of" and "Life is Beautiful" (my personal fav) can also be heard on SoundRadius. You can visit Luminous at or purchase Equilibrium on itunes.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

New from Worldwide Groove Corporation

Chillodesiac Lounge Vol 1: Fever

So the best downtempo for April 2007 comes from ... wait for it ... Nashville! Is that wacked or what? I've spent time in Nashville. And I love it. But when I think of the Nashville music scene, chillout is not what comes to mind.

But that is exactly what Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel [aka: Worldwide Groove Corporation] offer on their first independent musical endeavor, Chillodesiac Lounge Vol. 1: Fever. Some might say they are misplaced in the Music City, but this music production team has recently emerged as one of the main attractions for downtempo in town. Both members have hired out their skills at music production, programming, and arranging to others in the industry for years, but they have finally taken initiative to do something for themselves.

It may be the first date for Worldwide Groove Corporation, but I think they might get some. Chillodesiac Lounge Vol. 1: Fever is a very sensual and swank chillout project featuring ageless jazz standards completely reinvented. Who's bringing sexy back? Watch out JT. You have competition!

On Fever, soft, smooth, sultry vocals combine with layered drum grooves, ambient textures, and electronica flavors to produce a wonderfully sensual experience that will nicely compliment any Martini or intimate encounter.

The album basks in the strength of standards like "Tangerine”,“The Man I Love”, “My Funny Valentine”, and of course the title track "Fever." But it's all new takes on the old themes. The vocals have been re-recorded and re-interpreted and feature the likes of Melinda Doolittle [American Idol], Jennifer Paige [“Crush” - uncredited due to contractual restraints], and Fleming McWilliams of Fleming & John [formerly on Capital Records].

Everything combines to make Chillodesiac Lounge Vol 1: Fever easily approachable and enjoyable the first time you listen to it, but what really makes this project hot is that it doesn't get boring upon repeated exposure. The production is smart, sophisticated and subtle. Every time I listen, I hear something new.

Worldwide Groove Corporation will be playing on SoundRadius and my MP3 player for a long time. It should be on yours too. Check out Fever here: